Date: 2011.

Status: concept.

Category: sanitary-ware.


Alexander Suricoma Babich.

Client:  Gessi, «Replicants. New Age».

Goal:  Design creation for a faucet mixer.


Philosophy: The water in this water mixer flows in a large circle, which symbolizes the natural circulation of water. But the circle is broken where the human being enters the picture. It is in the power of humans to preserve the harmony of water or destroy it completely! When approaching the C-Series a man or a woman will remember that the future of nature depends on his or her attitude towards the water resources.

Function:Water mixer, built-in soap holder\shower accessories rack.

Title:«С» is a sign, which visually reminds of the shape of the water mixer.

Modifications:Two variants —  single-body actuator or а two-faucet design.