Date: 2014

Status: concept   

Category: social design, electronics


designer: Anastasiya Istry Alforova.

Concept:  «When a man wanted to speed up walking, he invented a wheel, and it wasn’t look like a feet.» (Guillaume Apollinaire)

This device is designed to eliminate the difference between perception of the world by blind and sighted people. For signal transmission uses sonar - way orientation in space, whereby the position of the object determined by the intensity of the reflected ultrasonic wave. For signal transmission is used sonar – the way of a space-orientation, where the position of the object is determined by the intensity of reflected ultrasonic wave. This device is not returning a person’s vision, but gives ability to perceive information from the surrounding world. Nearer objects will reflect more intensive signal and distant will reflect less. The user will actually receive a three-dimensional picture of the world, but through tactile sensations. Long-term using of this device by a person will develop skills to distinguish more subtle signals. This may cause the user to feel objects located far away and not accessible to the eye. Also glasses and screen are completely encircling person - the signal goes in all directions. The user can "see" at 360 degrees.