Date: 2012

Status: concept

Category: transport design



Alexander Suricoma Babich

Goal: Design eco transport, based on muscular and solar energy.

Concept: The main idea of ​​the project is a modularity principle. The basic module is a module of solar cell batteries. It can be fastened both on a shelter and on the bike. This module consists of two revolvable relative to each other parts. Two of these modules can be clipsed on the bike. Together it will be 36 cells.

These modules are suggested to clips during long trips, such as a bike tour between cities, when recharging the battery is unable for a long time. Solar cell batteries on bike can wheel so that the reception of solar energy is always optimum. The bike can also be used without the solar modules. Then it will be more maneuverable and you can not worry for the safety of fragile cells. It looks like an attractive bike with cells or without them.

The shelter consists of one simple constructive supporting module. The two modules assembled together bearing account for a parking and recharging rack on which solar modules are clinging to. Each customer can choose a number of parking spaces and solar modules. (Depending on the required number of bikes in family, energy and other things). The shelter is for a quick battery charging, and can also be a source of energy for any other needs.

The bike is made in blue and white colors as symbols of purity and power. The framework and modules are decorated with embossed patterns. This, on the one hand, strengthens the body, but on the other, makes design more modern and individual. The pattern also highlights with color.