Date: 2013

Status: Concept.

Category: furniture, decoration.

Designer: Alexander Suricoma  Babich.

Goal: To сreate a universal synthetic stone  module for interiors filling.

Concept: Inter-module - short from interior module.

The unique properties of advanced materials (synthetic polymers named the stones, such as Corian) are making possible to harmonize the interior design by using a single material in finish work - walls, ceilings, other surfaces, and in the environmental subjects of the room. Using this opportunity is the main idea of the project.

A set of six elements has numerous modifications. It turns into more than thousand objects. Imagine a room where the walls, pillars, vases, flower- pots, reliefs on the walls , ceiling and floor lamps of the main and decorative light, tables, stools - everything has one color, one texture, one surface and a single composition component, because everything is made of the same modules. This is the draft.