Date: 2004

Status: concept

Category: interior design

Client: Kharkov regional administration  


Curator: Mihail Puzur

designers: Alexander Suricoma Babich, Bovtenko Viktoria, Viktor Puzur, Roman Zubarev

Goal: to create a museum interior

Concept: Two lines pass through all the museum rooms – a line of blood, death and a line of life, rebirth. They indicate order of events and moving direction through the rooms. The line of death emits red subdued light – the color of blood – it is on top, hanging over life. The line of life is on the earth – it is green highlighted grass under glass.

Light and color are conceptually worked out. Each room has its own individually selected illumination that amplifies perception of the museum pieces. We enter a light room, but the illumination gradually grows dim and turns red (while we are moving through the rooms), atmosphere fills with pre-war anxiety, and then we enter the darkest rooms – with contrasting calling projector s – the rooms of war. At the end, there is light waiting for us in the main center museum room that symbolizes grace and rebirth, memory of our ancestors.