Date: 2012

Status: concept

Category: city environment design



Alexander Suricoma Babich

Goal:  Developing of trash collectors for separate recycling of the following garbage types:

«Bottles made of glass and plastic»;

«Paper waste»;

«Other waste».


Concept: Pererabotchiki (Recyclers) is a system of robots that gather the waste for the future recycling. They are just like people – all different and none of them is just like the other – they can be big and small, tall and short, slim and chubby. The only thing that unites them is the common goal and the unbreakable spirit. They are not intent on standing in line along the pavements like the usual trash-cans waiting. They chaotically appear here and there. An informational stick-pole soars above their heads to make them more visually noticeable. Through combining the different recyclers' modifications one can achieve an impressive number of different groupings and features – which grants variety. Due to the fact that the recyclers are a kind of humorous imitation of humans they will harmoniously fit into any environment and situation adding a merry touch to it.


Such a playful concept…  To make people smile more  :)