Date: 2011.

Status: concept.

Category: Home appliances.

Client: Vents, Ukraine.


Alexander Suricoma Babich.

Goal: Development of a new and competitive design of a household fan.   


Philosophy: Vents Tempo should be the compositional central point on the kitchen or bathroom wall. Any curious person will inquire «WHAT IS THIS THING??? Is it some kind of a gauge device or sensor? What does it show?» These are the feelings that this concept fan should invoke. It will always give you a great starting line for some smalltalk about anything ranging from time and wind, the Vents or design in general:)  

Function:  VENTS Tempo is a household fan + a clock.

The clock element is not so easily identifiable — it only has one hand and there are no number indicators (even if we finally got used to the clocks with no numbers, most people subconsciously assume that the clock has to have three or at the very least two hands).

The fan proper is the center of the design. It stands out due to its shape and lighting. Colored or white background light separates the fan from the watch creating a decorative effect. This is quite a functional feature for an exploitation in a darkened room — it illuminates the face of the clock.