Date: 2005

Status: concept

Category:  social design, landscape furniture


designer: Viktoria Bovtenko

Goal: to create an object for physically challenged people.

Conception: Ageing is a successive approaching of old age, in other words, a period in individual evolution that comes after maturity. Ageing is followed by oppression of body functions. It is the natural coming process, the consequence of permanent changes. With age:

Bones become thinner, more brittle, break more often.

Because of water loss and increased amount of minerals, elasticity of intervertebral and articular cartilages is reducing. As a result, mobility in joints and body height are decreasing.

Muscular fibers quantity is reducing, and their length is shortening. Tendons are spreading and becoming longer.

Size and power of muscles are reducing.

The bearing changes, people start stooping.

All these processes bring different diseases like radiculitis, arthritis, etc.

An armchair-lift provides more comfortable and easy sinking and lifting. Places of installation are parks, squares, gardens, clinics, sanatoriums.