Status: concept

Category: door accessories

Client: Valli&Valli, Italy

Designer: Suricoma

Goal: Creation of a new and original door-handle concept which would be a worthy continuation of the high standard design traditions of the famous Italian factory.

Concept: “Vetka” the design of a door-handle for Valli&Valli had been inspired by the natural shapes – by tree branches. The source of inspiration had not been chosen at random  - wood remains one of the most popular and high quality materials used for door manufacturing. This door is a kind of extension of the door and a reminder of the natural origin of the material. However, the “Vetka” door-handle is designed to be made of brass alloys (according to the technical development projects of the Valli&Valli company). This material makes more practical sense for a door-handle manufacturing. The door-handle is made in a laconic geometrical minimalistic style to express the tectonics of the material. In fact the morphogenesis of “Vetka” is a cross-play of several frustums that make up a certain imagery.