Date: 2009

Status: produced

Category: transport

Client Blaks: Street Food tm, USA


designers: Alexander Suricoma Babich, Viktoria Bovtenko


Task: To create a mobile kitchen based on a Freightlinertruck. The truck will go around the city and sell lunches at special points of purchase. To create edge graphics of the kitchen and a new company logo.

Concept: At “Blaks”, filling food, worthy of being served at the restaurant, can be cooked. The kitchen has everything that is necessary: various ovens, grills, deep-fat fryers, etc. “Blaks” provides freezers for fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and other products. In addition, there is a fire-control unit, a kitchen extractor fan, a toilet, several washstands, and a big water tank provided. The mobile kitchen can get electricity from sun batteries, located on the roof. The mobile kitchen is designed in stylish black that matches, in general, the company name.