Date: 2011

Status: school projects

Category: design education



Alexander Suricoma Babich


Alferova Anaztasia

Andreev Alexander

Kireeva Larisa

Loon Tzinhe

Marchenko Anastasia

Medvedeva Evgenia

Morgova Anna

Shishko Ljudmilla

Chen Bentsjuan

Jan Ventzin



Since 2010 Macosh Design studiostarted educational program for Ukrainian young designers. Our designers in the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts were held Propaedeutics course, conventionally divided into two subjects: "the basis of shape creation" and "fundamentals of combinatorics”. The project involved 10 students, each of them performed 9 practical tasks. All work and job description you can see in our flash-presentation (in Russianlanguage).

You also can download this presentation and watch it at your computer.

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