Date: 2006

Status: concept

Category: transport design


designer: Viktoria Bovtenko

Goal: creation of an innovative towed module

Conception: A towed module for city and touristic bicycles “Velocomb” is intended for transportation of goods (sport equipment, clothes, foodstuff) and small pets.

The complete set consists of 24 parts (they are combined into a frame of a trailer), 44 fastenings, a luggage rack, and a handle.

There is no need to buy the complete set. If there is no necessity to transport a lot of goods, only 12 or 6 parts and 32 or 14 fastenings are required. The parts are combined together with the fastenings. The used fastening mode is widely applied for rucksacks, sport shoes. The advantages of this mode are reliability and simplicity. Fastening and undoing are made just by one flick. Fixation is very safe.

The elastic handle with adjustable length allows bringing the VeloСomb in the hand or on the shoulder.